Glass Art



High resolution images are photographically printed on paper. The prints are then applied on 4mm glass panels by using a special technical process. This ensures a long term protection of the prints. We use a type of float glass with beveled edges, in order to obtain a 3D visual effect. This product comes finished with a special hanger applied behind the glass.



 Being a specialty product, we offer GlassArt in 6 different standard sizes, covering the most important formats for wallart: 20x20cm, 30x30cm, 40x50cm 50x50cm, 30x80cm and 50x125cm.



GlassArt also allows the option of a multiple pieces product, which includes images from the same theme and similar colours, so that you can create various arrangements on your walls.



The latex inks used in our prints are certified to comply with the Nordic Swan Environmental Standard. Our inks are odorless, with a very high durability, all wastes being responsibly disposed of.

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