Poster Art



Made from paper prints and modern wood frames. Prints are mounted in MDF frames with various colour options. We use 2mm float glass or Perspex sheets to protect the print and the MDF board on the back of the artwork.



This product is available in various sizes, starting from 30x30cm and going up to 90x120cm.



Our PosterArt range offers various options regarding the colour of the frame. You can choose from black, white, dark brown or natural wood colour.



As this is a very popular product, we offer more options for PosterArt. We have collections with images split in 3 pieces to create a Triptych artwork or even 8 or 12 pieces to cover an entire wall.



The latex inks used in our prints are certified to comply with the Nordic Swan Environmental Standard. Our inks are odorless, with a very high durability, all wastes being responsibly disposed of.

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